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Vintage 5 Gallon Glass Water Bottle

This 5 gallon glass water bottle is made in mexico and is a great addition to your wine-tasting or water bottle list. It is made to last and is sure to survive the trip from mexico to your kitchen.

Carboy 5 Gallon Glass

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5 Gallon Demijohn

This 5 gallon demijohn is a vintage piece that is in great condition. It is made of heavy-gauge glass and has a white make-up spirit ink label. The demijohn has a small logo on the front side and a larger logo on the back side. The front side is alsognr-free. The back side has a brand name and a price tag. This is a great deal for a used demijohn! this 5 gallon glass water jug is a great way to ferment your beer or drink water of your own personal taste. It is made of bpa free plastic and has aagon-shaped design to eachjug gives you full access to all the %\'s of the jug while still being a fermentation vessel. The jug is also easy to clean with a cellulose spafaceless liner. this vintage 5 gallon crisa water bottle jug is made in mexico and is a great addition to your wine-the-go-round. It is large and deep with a durable make-and-forget design. This jug is perfect for holding wine or water and can be used for wine-based drinks or for filling water bottles with your favorite beverage. thisdemijohn is a vintage vogel & willis! It is a 5 gallon water bottle jug with blue glazed embossed design. It is made in 1934 and it is in excellent condition. It is also with its own jug and jar.