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Tool Shop 5-gallon Air Compressor

Looking for a powerful, lightweight Air Compressor that can handle even the heaviest jobs? Don't search more than the Tool shop's 5-gallon Air compressor, this Compressor is puissant for portable jobs, and can handle 125 psi. It's also versatile for electric sites, with a standard 3-1-1 power cord.

Cheap Tool Shop 5-gallon Air Compressor

This Tool Shop 5-gallon Air Compressor is outstanding for job sites that need to take in Air or oil with a higher pressure, it provides an 5-gallon capacity and is 125 psi. The Compressor easily moves in any direction, so you can easily get to work, the compact design makes it beneficial for small and the 125 psi capability makes it top-of-the-heap for loading and unloading factories. With its black anodized aluminum design, this Compressor is likewise fantastic for your construction site, org Air tank storage. With a weight of just three pounds, it is basic to move around, this Compressor can handle heavy breathing and needs for power. With its 5-gallon capacity, you can also handle more light-duty applications, this Compressor is moreover water resistant, making it top for use in the home or office. This Compressor isbrando's smallest and most portable Air Compressor ever made, with an 5-gallon capacity and a v-shaped grille for stable use, this Tool Shop 5-gallon Air Compressor is exceptional for job sites where large Air tanks are required. The Compressor also features a settings wheel and release handle for effortless use.